Most, if not all professional UX Designers agree Personas in UX Design plays an important role in designing successful products. What makes Personas so useful is the fact that they are based on actual research. Personas help you understand the people you design for. In addition it helps breed empathy. Problems seen from a different perspective will help your team develop a shared understanding of their pain points and motivations.

Designing Personas can sometimes take a little more time than it needs to. That’s why I’ve designed these Persona templates. To help you save a little time and get you started with something you can customise and adapt to your needs quickly and easily. You can download the Persona templates in Adobe Illustrator, Sketch or Keynote format.

I hope you find them useful. If you have any recommendations or feedback regarding these Persona templates please tell me what you think by leaving a comment on this blog post.



Here’s a screenshot of the Persona template you can download.

Example screenshot of Free Persona Templates for Download