I'm UX Designer and UI Designer specialising in Digital Product Design

I have a diverse background in digital communications and design. Human-centered design seems to be the right descriptioin for what I do. On a daily basis I work in product design, UI design, UX design and online marketing.

I've got your bottom line.

I care deeply about creating high-quality beautiful experiences that connect with your customers and meet your business goals. I specialise in the visual design of digital products, websites and software. In addition, I have hands on working experience in UX design, UX research and digital marketing.

20 years in digital design and creative communications.

When you work with me you’ll benefit from more than 20 years of design, business and digital marketing experience. Having owned a design agency and e-commerce business has sharpened my business acumen and has taught me a lot about what it takes to start a project from scratch and ship it. 

Where I work now.

Currently, I work at one of South Africa’s biggest banks as lead UI Designer. This has given me a fresh perspective of what it takes to design products at scale. Furthermore, working in a big organisation has honed my ability to foster relationships with stakeholders and kindle collaboration between product, engineering and design teams while mentoring young up and coming design talent.

My philosophy.

To build successful products, websites, digital marketing campaigns and software I believe it takes empathy for the people, the right mix of marketing thinking and design mastery combined with a team that has the right attitudes and mindsets. Moreover, I also firmly believe that design decisions must be driven by customer research and data. You first have to figure out if you’re designing the right thing and that you’re solving the right problem. Only when you’re certain you’re designing the right thing – then you need to design it right.

I design beautiful experiences.

I understand that great design results in great customer experiences. Great experiences makes for happier customers. Happy customers means your business makes more money. Return on investment is what it’s all about. Let me help you build a better business

Areas of expertise.

Human-centered design.


I help ideas come to life.

Design thinking

The buzzword of the hour but a tool of the trade for me.

Product design

As a product designer I do many things but mainly I solve design problems.

UI design

My UI designs are pixel perfect and well documented for developers to use.

UX design

As a UX designer I consider all aspects of UX research, usability and accessibility to create optimal user flows and wireframes.

UX research

Having empathy for people and finding out what truly drives their behaviour is what makes my profession exciting and rewarding.

Online marketing.

Marketing strategy

Wars are are won with the right strategy. Let me help you get the right online marketing strategy in place for optimal return on investment.

Responsive web design

Let me help your product and brand look sharp and connect with your audience in our multi-screen universe.

Email marketing

Email marketing done right still provides a good ROI. Let me help your email marketing campaigns stand out and drive business results.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

As a designer I know how to incorporate SEO thinking and strategy from the start of a design project.

Pay Per Click Advertising

I have hands on experience running pay-per-click advertising from Facebook and Google Adwords platforms to drive traffic.

Social media marketing

I'm a designer with a marketing mindset. I understand the workings of driving engagement on social media platforms for business ROI.

Let's work together.

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